Friday, February 22, 2013

Recruit Adams - Week Four

Week 4
Week 4 proved to be an intense week. Our classes got a lot more intense in topic matter; especially officer safety. Obviously, every recruit knows there is danger associated with this career choice.  When that danger is brought to the surface and we see the bad times, we are humbled.  We all walked out of the Academy this week with an ever bigger appreciation of how important it is to watch out for ourselves and our fellow officers.  Officer safety should be our number one priority.
We had Improvised Explosive Devise training this week as well which turned out to be an awesome class! Deputy Stokely and Miller clearly know bombs, their role, and danger associated.  Their knowledge and experience is admirable.  We also got to light off an explosive, which is never not fun!
The little mistakes are still getting us even in week 4. The instructors are big on details, and when one of the recruits forgets details, we all pay. Pushups are their weapon of choice, and the slower and the more hovering at the bottom of the pushups is their preference. Even the ex-marines arms are shaking at the end of the reps. “PAY ATTENTION TO DETAILS RECRUITS!” My arms are begging you!
We put on our duty belts for the first time this week, minus all the equipment, just to get a feel for them.  Agent Ruybal said the novelty of them will wear off after sitting in class with them on for a week, but for now, we are like kids with a new toy.
Anymore when I look around, on lunches, recruits are either studying or working out. We have been encouraged to not only work out on the scheduled PT days, and for a lot of us, we welcome the chance to get out of the class and get sweaty!  That is until agent Shay gets ahold of us. That man likes to push us to our max with his workouts, and I swear he has a grin on his face while doing it! A couple of recruits have seen their lunches re-emerge after one of the PT instructor’s sessions, but oddly, they keep coming back for more.
Another week down! 18 to go! (There will be more pictures soon, I figure you see one picture of us in class, you have seen them all! Practical's and scenarios will prove more photo friendly!)
Courage with Wisdom

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