Monday, March 4, 2013

Recruit Adams - Week Five-Guest Blog, Andrew Carman

After a month of classroom training, physical wellness, and difficult testing, our group of 44 recruits is really starting to come together.  The staff has even recognized that we are looking more like a team, instead of 9 groups of people from different municipalities.  Our class sergeant for the week was Recruit Jack, a former marine.  Jack is our only recruit from Golden, and I can safely say that we kept him very busy throughout the week.  Considering the challenges provided during the week, Jack did an excellent job.
This week’s class load involved: Improvised Explosive Devices, Officer Safety, Observations While on Patrol, Street Interrogations, and Criminal Code 8 and 9.   In our IED class we had a live demonstration of an explosive time fuse.  This demonstration resulted in a quick burst of light, a small crack, and a loud scream from one of our recruits.  This scream was followed by some good humored laughing.  I think our academy class will probably forever remember the lessons learned as a result of this class
Finally, after four long weeks of classroom training we started some practical exercises in officer safety.  The exercises were a huge learning experience about the importance of mental rehearsals and maintaining proficiency with our equipment.  Additionally we learned the hard way that we need to have our issued equipment with us at ALL times.
Every week, on Friday, we take a written test that covers the last 4-5 days of classes.  Over the course of this week, we utilized human flashcards in the morning, study groups throughout the day on breaks, and pop quiz text messaging at night.
Usually before the test Recruit Boyd lightens the mood with a joke, but this week we were all business. 
This week, the stress about the upcoming test is palpable.  You could cut the tension with a knife.  When the staff finally released the test, you could see everyone in the class exhale a deep breath and jump into the test. 
About an hour later, once everyone had completed the test, Recruit Boyd gave us his joke of the week, which elicited laughs from the staff and academy class. Later, Director Baca came into the room for our review, and announced that, we all had PASSED this week.
Every week that goes by, we become stronger physically and mentally.   Our wellness labs are progressing with our physical improvements and constantly providing us with challenges.  We still go home sore at night, but come back the next day hungry for a more intense workout. 
Our motto for this week was “one mind,  any weapon”.  I think every week we spend in the academy we get closer to that goal. 
Courage with Wisdom!

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