Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recruit Adams - Week Six and Seven

We are already at the end of week 7! The weeks are starting to fly by!
Week 6 and 7 we got out of the classroom and into some scenarios. Not many other professions will you see gangbangers, shoplifters and a lovers’ quarrel all in the same day! We all learned a little about ourselves that day, mostly that we have a LOT TO LEARN! A little bit of advice for all, do not treat gang bangers in a scenario like your grandma, they will eat you alive! The role players dragged us out of our comfort zones and made us think on our feet. It was a challenging day, but so far one of the best.
Director Baca finished up Criminal Code for us this week. Not only does he know a lot about the law, but the stories he tells about his time as a cop are freaking hilarious. It helps tie in the information for the tests and we get a good laugh at the same time. By the way, Elvis is not dead, he is just a Captain for Denver P.D. Ask Director Baca, he has proof!
We were introduced to Arrest Control this week as well. We practiced falls, cuffed and rolled around in defensive modes. We all walked out with sore wrists and necks, but we had a blast. Agent Baca (Black Belt in basically every form of Martial Arts) is one of our instructors, and although I am sure he will be able to teach us a lot, part of me is scared to death of him. He showed us a few moves on other instructors where he twisted them and slammed them to the ground. Good times. I am looking forward to the challenge and the Advil.
Our Cross-fit workouts are getting harder by the week! We have yet to do the same workout twice, and each one proves to be both fun and challenging. ‘Gut Check’ takes the cake this week, for one of the hardest workouts I have ever done. We are all getting to the point where we look forward to our PT sessions and are bummed when we don’t have one for the day.
We are getting into the nuts and bolts of the Academy now. Firearms are coming up next week as well as more Arrest Control. It feels good to get out of the classroom and start practicing what we have been taught.
Bring on Week 8!
Courage with Wisdom!

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