Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Recruit Adams - Week Eight - Guest Blogger Recruit Alcorn

We have finally hit the point in the academy where time management is paramount. 
 We have been split into two groups.  Half of the class starts the day at the firing range, while the other half is at arrest control.  At lunch the two groups switch, and finish out the day. This however does not stop the rest of regular class expectations during the week.  However the training is well worth the added stress.  Recruit Gindhart has been our class leader during this crucial stage in our academy, and he has done a great job keeping the class on the ball.  The instructors for both firearms and arrest control have been great and give us 100% every day.  Each time we hit the range or the mats we improve, which keeps our motivation high.  We are nearly half way to the end of our journey here, and yet it feels like we are just getting started.
For arrest control, we are learning different handcuffing techniques and control moves. We all walk away from the day with red and sometimes bleeding wrists from being each other’s guinea pigs. We are also learning some ground moves that if need be, we can use against bad guys. Right now, we all look a bit uncoordinated and goofy, but we are getting it.
We all have shot about 200 or so rounds of live ammunition!!!! (Not just the ‘dummy’ rounds appropriately named for our skill level!). We all left the range with a grin, excited to be out of the classroom and getting our hands dirty.  It is cool to be having this much fun and getting paid for it!
The week ended with sore bodies and dirty guns, but it was a blast!
Courage with Wisdom! Next up, Week 9!


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