Friday, February 1, 2013

Recruit Adams- Week One


     We are the class of the 2013 Combined Regional Academy! There are 48 of us, representing different agencies, all eager and ready to become officers of the law! Sounds easy, cut and dry right???? Wrong! Fresh out of the gate we were informed very "delicately", just where we stand in the big wide world as Recruits. And I quote "You are all the sand, in the bottom of the ocean, that whales poop on". Don't laugh 2012 Academy, guess who is the poop!

Recruit Adams and her biggest fans.

     Week 1 is on the books! The recruits are settling in, creating relationships and getting used to our new "home" for the next 20 or so weeks. We began the week with the normal paperwork, introductions, equipment issuance etc, but it was not long before we were lining up in formation and getting a taste of what we could expect. We have all learned very quickly that WATER BOTTLES DO NOT GO ON OUR DESKS! We have also found out that if you are not 15 minutes early, then you are late. The Academy Training Staff has reiterated those two little tidbits of information with "physical reminders". After three intense, but fun, PT sessions with our Cross Fit Certified Trainers, and a test under our belts, we are ready to close the door on week one.
     I can genuinely say that when I look around the Academy classroom, I see smiles on the faces of my peers. We know we are fortunate to be where we are, and we will not take this opportunity for granted, no matter how many wall ball squats they make us do! (150... but who is counting).  It is going to be a hell of a ride and it definitely won't be easy, but we will give it our all and have some fun doing it!

     Courage with Wisdom! Bring on Week 2!