Friday, February 8, 2013

Recruit Adams - Week Two

I am always sore. I am never not sore. The physical training (pt) portion of the academy has proven to be not only fun, but VERY effective. We are doing something different every day, for the purpose of "shocking" our body and muscles.   And it is working.  The PT instructors are tough and stay on us, but they encourage us just as much, to go full throttle till the end. Oh yea, and by the end I mean that millisecond before you feel like, uh, losing the contents of your stomach.
Week two brought Criminal Code and Procedure. There is so much to know and remember, that for a lot of us, this week was stressful. We have Director Baca in our corner for this one though, and no one knows more about the Criminal Code and statutes than he does. He breaks it down for us, and takes the legal jargon out and makes it easier to understand. He has said that we will know this forward and back before the end of the academy if it kills him.... and us. (I don't think he is kidding!)
I want to give a shout out to one of our fellow recruits that is representing  the Lakewood Police Department. Recruit Boyd is the definition of "heart". He pushes himself everyday in our PT classes, never giving up, and always finishing the workouts, no matter how long he is at it. He brings out the best in our squad by proving if you give it 100% every time, you will feel good about yourself at the end. Crush it Boyd!!!
With every passing week, it becomes more real to everyone, that by mid June, we will be Law Enforcement Officers. It is pretty cool to know we are the future of our departments, and that in itself is enough to make us push ourselves academically and physically, to the best of our abilities.
We are already entering Week 3, which I am sure will bring as many challenges as the ones before it. More law. More pain. If anyone reading this is hoping to apply, I would buy stock in Advil because if our PT instructors have any say in it, we are going to need A LOT OF IT!!
Another week closer to being Whale Poo!
Courage with Wisdom

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