Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest Blogger- David

My name is David and I’m a recruit from the Arapahoe County Sheriff’s Office. I have been requested by Recruit Yost to write a guest blog.  Let me share a little about my background; I’m born and raised in Denver. I served in the US Army as a Military Police Officer. I have been working at the Arapahoe County Detention center for the last two years. Although I have some experience, I am learning an immense amount of information.  

The academy is intense. From day one you are pushed through the paces. Each day brings its own sets of challenges. Academics, physical training, firearms, arrest control, and driving to name a few. Each recruit has to figure how to conquer those challenges, but you’re not alone. Fellow recruits are your support system.  We help each other with academics, uniforms, or even lunch! As a class we’ve developed from a group of individuals to a team.

A great example was our final exams for arrest control included a written and practical test occurred last week. The weeks leading up to the test consisted of practicing our newly acquired “skills” on anyone and everyone. This included family members and friends. My wife certainly knows how to appropriately apply a twist lock, which I regret every day. Walking into the academy on the day of the test was somewhat comical. From the classroom to the bathroom, EVERYONE was practicing some sort of technique. It paid off because everyone passed with flying colors. One more major challenge conquered, on to the next. 

DRIVING! Although, I have done a number of different drive tracks it simply never gets old. How many times in your life are you given the keys to a car and are told “drive it like you stole it!”? All joking aside, it’s extremely important to know your limitations and the limitations of the vehicle. In an emergency, we have a duty to get there quickly but more importantly safely.  I’m looking forward to learning different ways to push the patrol cars.

Although we only have four more weeks, it’s important to stay focused. The POST test is on the horizon. The upcoming weeks we will continue push and support each other to ensure that everyone passes the first time. It will be challenging, but more importantly it will by rewarding.

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